side by side

The "before" state of this bathroom was typical of many Wichita homes - standard beige tile and a neutral palette.  Not horrible by any means.  But, water and structural issues needed to be addressed, and required removing the tile and tub to reach the source of the problem.  Wanting to stay consistent with the style of the rest of the home, we stayed within the same color palette but added contrast and different materials to give this bathroom a more luxurious, designer look.  The ornate bronze fixtures were replaced with the simple, clean lines of more modern fixtures.  Glass, metal, gold and metallic were brought in for added interest.  The white wood panel of the bath tub was replaced with a rich dark maple.  And tile countertops were replaced with Quartz, which has a variety of deep, rich colors occurring naturally in the stone.  Together these elements created a beautiful, updated bath that still felt like it belonged with the rest of the home. 

from ordinary to extraordinary